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Witness Chamber Pendulum - Amethyst with Goddess Bob for Divination, Dowsing


Amethyst Witness Chamber Pendulum with Goddess Bob for Divination, Dowsingin Velour Pouch and Gift Box w. Free Dowsing Course in 5 languages & and 1 Auralite-23 Crystal

Our Wiccan inspired chamber pendulum is made of Amethyst. The silvery bob unscrews to reveal the chamber; which allows the user to further energize the pendulum with different elements such as hair, herbs and oils. The pendulum's chain features amethyst accent beads and a silvery Goddess symbol attached to the end for slip free handling. Gemstones infuse a pendulum with their energies and enhance your intentions with their power.

A desired characteristic of natural products, each one will display unique colors, patterns and inclusions.

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