Auralite-23 Crystals, Finished Products And Other Gemstones

Auralite-23 and more...

KLEMCO Distribution

a Canadian Company is Operating since 1988.

Registered in Montreal, located

in the City of Westmount, Quebec, Canada.

WORLDWIDE Distributors of Auralite-23

Crystals Finished Products 

Message to our Canadian customers!

All prices are in US dollars – to purchase in Canadian dollars

Please contact klemcodistribution@videotron.ca 


All 2017 NEW Find Different Variety Auralite - Never seen Before AURALITE-23 Crystals Rough Best Buy Wholesale Auralite-23 Altar Stones, Mountains Beads, Donuts Bracelets Chunks & Nuggets Clusters & Points DESIGNER CABOCHONS Emerald Auralite Earrings Generators, Pyramids, Skulls Necklaces Pendants Pendulums & Scying Mirrors Polished & Rough Slices Tumbled, Thumb & Palm Stones Wands AURALITE-23 Essential Oil & Incense Sticks Amber Resin in Rosewood Box MINERAL SPECIMENS Museum Grade - Collectible Statues, Sculptures Finished Products, Bracelets, Pendants & more Shaman's Boutique, Market
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