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Quotes I am totally enchanted with this crystal! Beautiful bands of color & elestial markings, bits of sparkle & shine, fascinating detail. Is it wrong to love a crystal so much??! I sleep with it under my pillow. The energy is both mystical & comforting. It is the perfect size & shape to hold & to carry. And Charles, thank you for the wonderful (& generous) gift. You have blessed me with the magic of the Auralite-23. Your shop is marked as a favorite! oxo Quotes
I am totally enchanted...

Quotes Wow! Charles, thank you so much for the fantastic crystal. I love the elestial markings, the layers & colors with sparkle & light, and the perfect size to hold & to carry. The pendant you gifted me is wonderful! I'm wearing it right now. Thank you for such a generous gift. It has a colorful, magical glow. Absolutely awesome. Love and Light. Quotes

Quotes Charles, you have taken the great gift (and tremendous responsibility) of the Auralite-23 & shared it with such love - so professional yet so personal. Of course I love the crystals and learning about them, but I also enjoy the videos, quotes, & pics (like the one of the crystal healing room), and all the personal touches on this site. Quotes
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You have taken the great gift...

Quotes All the items were received today in tip top condition. Thank you very much. I have to say that I was impressed with your service and the speed at which I received my order. I know that some of customers are going to be very pleased with these items. I also want to thank you for the additional gift that you included many thanks for the lovely pendant. It will be a pleasure to deal with you again. Quotes
Thank you very much.

Quotes I am very excited about the opportunity to introduce people to Auralite 23. When I was introduced to it last year it was breathtaking. I was already interested in working with crystals, but I had never connected to one so immediately and powerfully. Since then I've collected a few pieces (the one I ordered off of Etsy is going to be made into a piece of jewelry for my partner). I definitely have faith that I will be able to get these pieces into a lot of peoples hands. Thank you so much for the work you are doing! Quotes
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I am very excited...

Quotes Charles FIVE minutes ago your package arrived!!! I only had time to open it up and saw the small hearts and donuts and was like wowwwwwwww! I pulled out all the newspaper and saw the picture of the Dalai Lama and literally, he brought tears to my eyes. Getting ready to go over to the shop and can't wait to see the rest of them.THANK You!! That box is just so full of love! ❤️ Quotes

Quotes Last week I received my first piece of Auralite-23 wand in the mail. I immediately felt a rush of intense happiness and positive energy radiate from my hand through-out my whole body. I have been working with it and holding it through-out this past week and am HAPPY to say it has improved my overall outlook on life. :) What a WONDERFUL Godsend!!! :) Quotes

Quotes I just wanted to say thank you. I received the Auralite-23 Hexagonal Obelisk Pendant quickly and it was perfect. But I also wanted to thank you because you included a bonus auralite-23 Crystal with my pendant. I am so happy with my order. You went above and beyond my expectations. I will order from you again for sure. I will also tell my friends and family about your company KLEMCO Distribution. Quotes
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Thank you...

Quotes It is just more than words to describe how much my wife love the Auralite-23 bracelet. Thank you Charles for the note and the bracelet that is present so nicely in the package. Love it! Quotes
It is just more than words ...

Quotes Dear Charles, I just want to let you know that I am so thankful of having bought the bracelet. Besides the compliments I received from people, I get the extra blessing from this powerful crystal, a lot of changes happened for the better in my life. Quotes
I am so thankful...
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