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Quotes Charles I just recieved my lovely Auralite 23 crystal wand and it is so much more than I expected. The colour is wonderful and the size is also larger than I thought it would be. I thank you for the beautiful stone that made the journey with my crystal. I will treasure it and make sure it is on my person at all times to remind me of your very generous heart. I am now on the look out for a pendant, one much like the one you have on hold for Jennie, I believe the name is. If you do get more of them in, please let me know. Again, I thank you for the high quality crystal and the lovely travelling companion you tucked inside the box. Quotes
Just received my lovely Auralite-23 crystal

Quotes Charles you certainly are something else, a very special & kind man :) Thank you! Thank you! and Thank you! That's all I can think of saying! Love ~ Light ~ Peace ~ Joy Quotes
Thank you!

Quotes Dear Mr. Klemens, My wonderful Auralite-23 wand arrived already today, it made all the way from Canada to Germany in just one week! I´d also like to thank You for the five little travelling companions. Vielen lieben Dank dafür! Yours sincerely Quotes
Dear Mr. Klemens

Quotes "Pasionné mais surtout un homme des plus généreux que j'ai eu l'honneur de rencontré par le biais d'un ami aussi généreux. Merci à vous deux d'être là!" Quotes

Quotes I took a very long time before purchasing this crystal to compare every single option available... I wanted the best Auralite for the best price, as extra money is a rarity for me. I went with this one because I loved the seller's website and reviews.. I figured Charles was the guy to buy from. Most certainly, he is. Shipment was fast, the crystal itself is just absolutely wonderful. Much larger than some of the other ones for the same price. Great energy, as many have claimed before me. I have added this seller to my favorites, and will recommend him to anybody. Thank you Charles. Quotes
It took a very long time...

Quotes Hi Charles, I had a very wonderful morning today as I came to fetch my package from you. They were magnificent, it's as if they greeted me and was very happy to see me, too. Truly amazing! I am overjoyed, words can't describe the connection I felt to them. I sincerely thank you for sharing them with me, (and the extra gift) my very own authentic Auralite 23. With much happiness, Jex Quotes
Happy customer

Quotes Hi, Charles - they arrived today and they are beautiful - the slices are gorgeous - one has a little tiny streak of orange/red in that I'm guessing is a hematite inclusion. I love working with these stones - the energy is just lovely. And, thank you for the point, it's wonderful. I have a few that I got at my local rock shop - they are nice meditation pieces. I think I may sent that one to my grandson. He could use the energy. :) Quotes
Thank you...

Quotes Hi. I just bought an Auralite-23 crystal. :) I have been looking at all the available Auralite-23 crystals on Etsy for the past few hours, completely entranced by this stone and wanting to find the best deal possible on this. It's my birthday and I want the perfect stone to start my collection. Though other sellers are selling much larger stones for less money, I seemed to trust you most... Your Auralite-23 crystals looked most authentic. Do you mine them yourself from Canada? I'm really looking forward to seeing it :) Oh just saw KLEMCO and visited your website! This is a legitimate mining company. Score. :) :) you seem to get so many great reviews! I shall await my beauty patiently now.... I'm very, very excited. Thank you! Quotes
I'm very, very excited....

Quotes Hi Charles, Thank you so much, I've been wanting to have my own Auralite-23 and it has been a challenge to find a seller of authentic Auralite-23 that I can trust. Best,regards, Quotes

Quotes I love these magnificent Auralite 23 crystals, they are my favorite because they carry the most beautiful energy. Such a perfect creation of this beautiful earth. I would love to learn all I can about these wonderful crystals, thank you so much Charles for your help May you have a beautiful, prosperous, happy new year, as well. You are a great person Quotes
I love these magnificent Auralite-23 Crystals
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