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Quotes These were absolutely stunning! A lot larger than I had imagined with rainbows too! I would give this seller 10 stars if I could & will definitely reorder! Quotes
We Heart Hearts
Three AURALITE-23 Teardrops

Quotes Just wanted to say that I received the order and am very pleased with the beauty of these Auralite-23 pendants! Very nice quality. Quotes
Thank you...

Quotes I say a prayer with my Auralite Crystals every night that you are recovering quickly and are feeling better and better each day! I know that your heart and soul are full of amazingly powerful and positive energy! There is a part of you in every Auralite crystal that you have put out into the world. I have strong faith that all of the magic you have spread will take good care of you. You are in my thoughts and I send many blessings your way! I look forward to hearing of your full recovery my friend. Quotes
My friend
Best wishes

Quotes You have many beautiful stones on your website but I am particularly drawn to this stone (80.2 gr.) in the photo. Please can you be certain to ship this one? Thank you! Best, Quotes
Many beautiful stones

Quotes These are beautiful. I love that they come in a trio. The shape of the heart is very attractive to me and I love that the bale is offset..it adds interest. Arrived very securely packaged and even had a special gift for me with purchase! Wonderful selection in the shop. Thank you so very much!! Quotes
Auralite-23 Heart pendants

Quotes I must apologize to you, for being so tardy sending this message. It should have been sent four weeks ago. As per the first order, this shipment arrived in tact and on time. I want to thank you for the lovely bracelet you sent to me as a gift; how did you know I wanted one, and would have to wait to buy one, since you were out of stock at the time. I am really enjoying the bracelet and all the stones I have purchased from you. My Mum would like to thank you for the stone you sent to her, she was thrilled the stone fit in her hand like they were made for each other. She has just started some radiation treatments and finds the stone soothing for her. All Good! You are a very kind and generous human being and I am grateful I was guided to your website. (Judy Hall mentioned Auralite-23 so many times in one of her recent books, I had to investigate. :- ) Quotes
Satified customer

Quotes Dear Charles, I was so excited to receive my beautiful Auralite-23 stones last week, they are everything I thought they would be. The calming energy I feel from them is truly awesome. I want to thank you for the special little gift you put in my parcel, I love looking at the inclusions through the jeweler loop. My Mum has asked me to purchase a pendant for her, to help her heal, so I have just finished shopping at your site again. lol. I love this stone. Kindest regards, Quotes
Dear Charles...

Quotes I realize that you are on leave at the moment, however, I would like to contract to buy this beautiful Auralite 23 the moment you return. It sings to my soul. Quotes
It sings to my soul...

Quotes Hello Charles, The two Auralite-23 from your auction site arrived yesterday. I've cleansed them and put them for a few hours in a big amethyst geode. And then I felt their energy ... WOW!!! They were warm very quickly and pulsed very strong. They speak with me. And they speak every time louder than other Minerals in my other hand. The Auralite-23 says: I'm the king, forget the other one you have in your hand! :-) And the best for me is, that they open my chakras incredibly fast. This is ideal for my Reiki treatments, because I'm a Reikimaster. I have selected the 2 ideal Auralite-23 for me. One is perfect for the left hand and the other is great in the right hand. I am very happy that I chose for these two Auralite-23.. And now I am still waiting for the big one! I LOVE MY AURALITE-23!!! Thank you very much for this fantastic mineral! Love and light for you! Christine Quotes
Hello Charles

Quotes Hi Charles! -:) Thank you very much for your support -:) Your book helped me understand a few things. I started with stretchy bracelets, then developed the clasp bracelets and then I started developing the sterling silver pendants section which has been my main focus for while now. I'm really grateful for your help with the strands. Thank you! -:) Blessings and Love, G xx Quotes
Hi Charles!
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