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Quotes I was a weight lifter for 10 years before I was forced to quit after gaining 50 lbs of weight which turned out to be too much for my rather feeble frame. During this time, I injured myself so much that I have lived with a slipped disc and scar tissue built up in my back and shoulders for more than half the time I lifted weights. To make a long story short. I purchased Auralite-23 products from Charles because the crystal moved me greatly from my computer desk. When I engaged him in conversation, I was met with the most outstanding human being and businessman I have done business with ever as well as a man that took the time to understand my needs. He gave me advice when I was open to it, and he changed my life. I received the second of two shipments from him. Using that Auralite-23 he gave me, I was able to loosen up the scar tissue in my shoulders and back through massages from my wife with the Auralite-23 crystal involved. Quotes
Thank God for you Charles

Quotes You are so kind, Charles! Thank you for both of your messages, and for being so agreeable. You actually did calm me down; too...you should get a special fee for putting your customers at ease...not everyone has that gift you know! Many thanks again for your kindness and sharing of your calm. Quotes
You are so kind, Charles!
...sharing of your calm.

Quotes Hello Charles The crystals you were sending to me is totally amazing. The power of energies is so complete to heal, channeling and let the energies flow to each location that needs it. I am very happy to be a part of you lovely people to circulate these energies all around the world; itīs crystal clear that those crystals will be a big part of creating world peace and harmony. Good continuation and happy New Year blessings to all you light workers ❤ Love Light & Blessings, Greetings from Sweden Quotes
Greetings from Sweden

Quotes Thank you for sharing your story and for this warm transaction! I never knew you are retired, and I am surprised that you would perform a business with such skill even though you are. But I could see now why you communicate so well with your customers. Only someone who does something for a hobby or for a passion would do so. I am very glad that you accepted the offer. I am an International student from Burma in the USA, so its hard for me to travel around and know outlets. I was however so touched by the Auralite since I laid my fingers on the first one that I was determined to get some more. However I did not really know how to get to Canada and was very glad that I found a genuine Auralite business on the Internet. Thank you again for the refund with no return. I am deeply touched too. I do not meet many businessmen who are not stingy or willing to do as you did on a daily basis. I will honor your kindness and pass on the Auralite-23 to someone who doesn't know it yet and needs one. Quotes
Love and Grace

Quotes Thank you so much for your kindness and friendliness. I am very touched by your warmth. I will respect our transcation by handing on the crystal to the right person. That way the Auralite can continue spreading its light. I wish you every goid and blessings on Earth and may they go with you ever. Love and Grace, Quotes
Thank you so much...

Quotes Hi, I am so happy to know of someone who are willing to allow others to take part in distributing crystals, requesting minimum order, because there is not too many people know about these, I will love to reach out to the people who really need help using these crystal, hope to hear from you soon. Quotes
I am so happy...

Quotes I absolutely love my Auralite-23. I set my marriage vows in stone by using my Auralite-23 as an oathing stone. The stone vibrates in my hand. Quotes
Thank you

Quotes Charles I am so glad we made the Auralite-23 connection. Love this stone and have shared it with many. Students are thrilled and sending word of mouth that I gift them Auralite-23 in some form in the classes. Continued blessings and regards! Robin Quotes
Continued blessings

Quotes Yes, the crystals did arrive last week. What a wonderful crystals, and instead of a chip of black Auralite there was a big point black Auralite, what a great gift from you. Thank you soooo much for it. And also a red tipped Auralite point!! I never saw a Auralite in a point. I cannot find the words to show you my happiness about the crystals. In the bag with small chips for the plants, I found some very nice pieces, with different inclusions. And to my surprise the were a few green Auralite chunks in the bag of chunks. and a piece of very light green quartz. As is was reunited with an old friend. Quotes
Thank you...

Quotes Hi Charles, I am so delighted to receive my order package this morning. Thank you for the little surprises that you added inside. That's such a beautiful touch of kindness and thoughtfulness. You deliver your promise & goods in perfect condition! Bless you! Best regards. Quotes
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