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Quotes Your site Is amazing! Love the layout. Very informative. Great products. Like Robert Simmons.I have his books and had a lengthy conversation with him on the phone about Azeztulite. (One of my top favorites) Thank you for "building a door"so Lightworkers like myself have a place to enter the AURALITE Kingdom. IT IS an amazing stone. So much more to discover about it. I am very grateful for your time and generousity. Thank you again. Sincere Blessings, Quotes
Auralite-23 Crystals

Quotes I received my Auralite pendant and it is much more than I had hoped for. It is absolutely beautiful and I could'nt be happier. I have strongly recommended to several relatives and friends alike that they use your site if they wish to purchase this amazing stone. It is my truest hope that they will. Thank you so much, it has already become a cherished piece of jewelry to me. . Quotes
Auralite-23 pendant

Quotes I would like to take the time to Thank You for the wonderful Auralite crystals that You hand picked for me. They are so beautiful and wonderful and it feels and seems that i have been waiting for just these Crystals for millenia. Thank You again so very much ~Love~ Lonnie Quotes
Lonnie M Frederick

Quotes Hi Charles, I received my beautiful Auralite 23 crystals yesterday and I love them! I've been working with them in meditation as well as doing some wand "clearing". I am fascinated by their energy, they seem to take me to the center of myself, both relaxing me and energizing me at the same time. The one crystal seems feminine and intuitive, ( I always hold this one in my left hand) the other very grounding and earthy ( I hold this one in my right hand) Are they meant to be used as a pair? I love them both and will continue to explore their energies and learn how to use them for healing and maybe "astral projection"? Thank you so much for your generous gifts, I will spread the word about these crystals to others.. Quotes

Quotes Hi Charles I received the Auralite-23 crystal today and am so pleased. And the crystal you sent as a gift is perfect and precious - thank you - you are so generous I cannot thank you enough. They have a lovely calming energy. Right now, I am wearing the pendant and have the other crystal on my night stand. Finally, I feel as though I am about to have a good nights sleep! I will let you know how it works! Thanks also for the literature. Tomorrow I will read up on the stone. Thank you again. The gift was an unexpected surprise and most welcome. Quotes

Quotes THANKYOU for the lovely gifts you included also with my order. I slept with the pendant on for a few nights, and the small green piece is beautiful..I was so very touched that you included those for me : ). I am in LOVE to say the least, those pieces are seriously awesome for me. I just can't believe the strong vibrations I get while holding them. I still have one more piece to give to my healer, whom I had use my first piece on me when she did my healing. I will let you know her reaction to her own piece when I get it to her! The funny thing is, when I got the package, I didnt want to let any of them go,but as I held each one seperatley, and thought of my friends, it was easy knowing which ones were theirs! Plus, the fact that you included those beautiful gifts for me made the pain of parting a bit easier! lol Quotes
I am in LOVE to say the least...

Quotes ...WOOOOO HOOOOOO it is because the package has finally arrived!!!!!!! :) I am so happy, my heart is filled with joy!!!! Auralite 23 is so powerful and fabulous with its ancient wisdom....the crystals make me feel charged and renewed with an unbelievable happiness!!!!! The large crystals are so beautiful...stunning!! The pendants also are wonderful, they have got a special energy and they look much better than in the pictures...they make me dream about fairy worlds and they have got a real magical effect!! Thank you again for everything dear Charles, I cannot wait to show these beauties to everybody!! Love and Light!! Quotes

Quotes Namaste Charles, I do not want to say this but I felt compelled to pass on the great energy that the raw AURALITE-23 crystal had that you gave me as a gift, do you remember? Would like that energy back in my life, find me one that looks the closest, unless you have more to chose from and if so, would like you to chose for me. You have very positive and healing energy, not only sensed by self also by others. Friendship is a special gift. t/y Blessed Be Lana Quotes

Quotes Hello Charles, The beautiful Auralite crystal and pendant arrived a few days ago....thank you so much they are amazing! Also thank you for the gift of the point of an Auralite!! It absolutely fascinates me, with all the many points like the Alps in Switerland. Beautiful, powerful stones.......thanks again ~ Deb Quotes

Quotes Thank you Charles, sending you blessings from the heart. I can feel that you are sensitive to Mother Earth's gifts to us. I can also feel the Auralite that you listed for me....I sense it saying it is to be with me and help with energy healing. I am so excited to learn more about this majestic crystal, You are a rare and wonderful being Charles. With your energy in creating positive connections to others, a person such as yourself will not be so rare to find. Exciting that you have connected with someone in Italy, she sounds wonderful, best of luck with your bringing Auralite to Europe! Is it okay to refer your website to friends? Thank you again Charles, I'm so excited.... Take good care, Many blessings of love, light and crystal brilliance to you. ~ Deb . Quotes
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