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Lapis Lazuli Witness Chambered Pendulum for Divination/Dowsing #2


Lapis Lazuli Modular Witness Chambered Pendulum for Divination/Dowsing in Velour Pouch and Gift Box w. Free Dowsing Course in 5 languages & and 1 Auralite-23 Crystal

You receive exactly one showing on pictures

This lapis lazuli pendulum has a 5-inch curb chain with a metal bead at the end.

Created for dowsing and ritual divination, the lapis chambered pendulum offers you a pendulum bob that unscrews to allow you to place sacred oils, herbs, ash, or earth, within it to enhance your divination.

A desired characteristic of natural products, each stone will display colors, patterns and inclusions unique to each one. No two are exactly the same.

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